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Australian Political Debate
13th-Mar-2010 05:41 pm
Hello, I'm new to this posting game, and I'm wondering what the etiquette is. Am I ment to comment on all the comments to a post I make. Do other people post to the main page or do I just keep throwing ideas out there? A little guidance please.

To-days question is Did you vote labour in or the Liberals out?

Personally I voted them out therefore I'm quite happy to see the senate making governing so difficult for Labour. If you voted them in then I can see how you would feel upset, at the trouble Labour is having implementing their policy.

To-days idea is select half the parliament randomly from the electoral role, like you get picked for Jury duty. This would put a lot more people with varied outlooks into parliament and make it so you need a 75% vote to get legislation passed. This may make it hard to govern but it might safe massive stuff ups like the insulation scheme getting started. Just an idea.
13th-Mar-2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
The idea of random selection is incompatible with representative democracy. Where's the impetus for doing a good job? The random people are accountable to no-one, won't have prepared for the job when they've been elected, may not even want to sit in parliament and may be more concerned about what people think of them after they leave.

There are better ways to reform the parliament to make it more representative of the nation while still ensuring that the people who are in parliament want to be there.
13th-Mar-2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
Pretty much this.

As for posting etiquette, you don't have to reply to every post someone makes here, although attempting to respond will create more room for discussion. Only make a new post to the community if you're starting a different set of ideas.

I voted the Libs out, specifically the socially conservative cabal that had held sway over the part for close to two decades. Was quite happy with Malcolm as leader of the Libs, dragging the rest of the party kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I'm quite disgusted that people skills has gotten some traction; which I think is sign of the disconnect, short memory and general don't give a stuff attitude of most Australian's towards politics when it's not election time. Not really worried about the Libs at the moment though, they're going to get destroyed at the next election when Tone starts talking and they're abandoned by everyone but the racists and homophobes.
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