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Australian Political Debate
Global Warming-An idea ahead of it's time 
6th-Mar-2010 11:30 pm
The problem with global warming is it's happening to slowly. All the idiots in power and 50% of voters will be dead before the full effects are felt and it will be their grand children learning how to tread water and this allows the Liberals to tell us that all we need to do is plant trees and Labor to give the power stations a couple of billion to work on "Clean Coal"-an oxymoron if ever I've heard one! and the Greens are lost in the static.
Global Warming is the big non issue of the century, the people who it will effect can't vote and therefore don't count and the people who could make a difference have too much to loose. Look what happened in Copenhagen, blatant self interest easily out-trumped global good, short termism and faith in technology will allow every body to keep growing and able to maintain profit growth. Sure someone accidentally hit the stop button but, I know where the play button is, so let's get this party rocking.
So let's stop worrying about about Global Warming and start trying to fix the urban environment which has a by product of reducing Global warming.
If you could get all the cars in the urban area converted to electrical, the air would be improved, and green house emmissions reduced, nice idea but it wont happen, remember the Volt, killed because it didn't need servicing, and I can just see the oil companies sitting still for a reduction in their profits, I can hear the cries of job loss already. Why does nobody ever ask how many jobs exactly? Let a political party put that idea up and see how quickly it gets buried.
I think the answer is to do your own preparation buy land on the top of a hill and install solar cells, and water tanks and open a swimming school.
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