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Australian Political Debate
Populate and Perish 
3rd-Mar-2010 11:19 pm
Why is nobody talking about population and migration? I heard on the radio the other day talking about the Australian population of 40 Million in 2025. Where are all these people going to be living, drinking, eating? The WA mining industry estimates it will need an extra 80,000 workers by 2015? What's the rush? The stuff has waited 20 Million years it can surely wait a little longer and we can seriously look at how we want this country to develop.
I think it's all a con job by the real estate and housing industry and the retail sector which relies on continuing to sell more and more to more and more for the cheapest price and that's why nothing is made in Australia any more.
Do you remember how that load of bullshit was sold to us,"we would buy cheap cloths, tv's etc from overseas and they would buy expensive complex things from us". Surprise Surprise they didn't want any of our complex shit! They only want our minerals, and to educate and keep their kids. Australia the child care capital of the world.
3rd-Mar-2010 12:32 pm (UTC)
We never made complicated stuff.

Our sycophantic PMs have been too busy touching up the Queen, arselicking the Americans or taking lessons from the Chinese to do anything for us.

For generations we have been a farm, a mine, and a pile of woodchips with leaves on them to not just our markets, but to our UK educated, US influenced or just plain Chinese bought leaders.

We should have dragged in young healthy people from the moment the Baby Boom started to slow down to keep the economy running and provide bottom wipers to the terminally elderly.

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