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Australian Political Debate
Future Summit 
4th-Feb-2008 09:41 am
Frylock Bad
I was very excited today to read in the SMH about the summit that Rudd has proposed - this so called 2020 thing. It's an excellent idea and one of the first that has really made me happy he's in office (even though I helped vote him in, I voted to get Howard out - I realise this is a bad way of voting but hey... it helped get the prick out right?).

It's a summit discussing ten of the most pressing issues facing our country in the future and Rudd's inviting people based on thier merit as individuals, not as representatives of groups or corporations - again, fantastic strategy.

Rudd stated that the federal Opposition Leader, Brendan Nelson, premiers and state opposition leaders would be invited. To be expected really.

Now, this is the bit I was interested in. I think it demonstrates why the Liberal government was kicked into touch. It epitomises the small minded attitude that it is obvious will not change in what is now the opposition.

From the SMH:"Dr Nelson welcomed the summit, but would "wait and see" before deciding whether to attend. He urged Mr Rudd to ensure that it produced constructive results."

Personally, I think that's the height of partisan arragance. Nelson is presented with a (literally) forward-thinking idea and his response is to say he's not coming unless he's guaranteed it's going to work. Isn't that like saying you're not playing the soccer match unless you're guaranteed a win?

Wait and see? Jesus! I'd be champing at the bit to see what people come up with... 1000 of the best minds in Australia weighing in on how we should deal with the future??? I wonder why the previous government never came up with that.

Oh thats right! Because they knew best anyhow... sorry... I forgot.

end of line

4th-Feb-2008 09:12 am (UTC)
Apparently education isn't a pressing issue, or is an issue that the ALP know how to do best.

I think it's a good idea, and hopefully it will produce results.
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