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Australian Political Debate
March 13th, 2010 
05:41 pm - Info
Hello, I'm new to this posting game, and I'm wondering what the etiquette is. Am I ment to comment on all the comments to a post I make. Do other people post to the main page or do I just keep throwing ideas out there? A little guidance please.

To-days question is Did you vote labour in or the Liberals out?

Personally I voted them out therefore I'm quite happy to see the senate making governing so difficult for Labour. If you voted them in then I can see how you would feel upset, at the trouble Labour is having implementing their policy.

To-days idea is select half the parliament randomly from the electoral role, like you get picked for Jury duty. This would put a lot more people with varied outlooks into parliament and make it so you need a 75% vote to get legislation passed. This may make it hard to govern but it might safe massive stuff ups like the insulation scheme getting started. Just an idea.
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